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Who Is Sage?

Sage 7 Months Old

My daughter Sage was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism when she was about 3 years old. Although we knew she was incredibly bright, she was not talking like other children her age. It took me a while to accept she was autistic, she simply didn't behave like other autistic children I grew up with. Over time and after many hours of research I came to realize that this was a spectrum disorder. Autism is something you don't take a blood test to diagnose, you simply have certain behaviors and characteristics which are attributed to autism. We were very fortunate that Sage is a High Functioning Autistic little girl; she has a shot at living independently, having friends, going to college - the world is her oyster. She is affectionate, has eye contact, laughs, plays and talks. She doesn't talk conversationally very much, but she does communicate verbally. Her speech continues to grow daily.

Sagey Poo in the SnowWhen Sage was 2 she was already writing out the alphabet, upper and lowercase, with both hands. She could also write her name out - how could this little girl be autistic?? At around three years old she would take apart electronics and put them back together again as well as drawing fractional pie charts. Sage had her own PC at age 1.8. She finished Play Station games before she was 4. I could go on and on about how amazing my little girl is.

She loves school and riding the school bus. Her favorite things to do are buying clothes, trying new hair styles, going shopping in general, using her computer, gymastics (she's won 5 gold medals), SWIMMING, watching gymastics videos on YouTube and playing with her "girl" (cat) Soooonya. I forgot to mention chocolate! Sage LOVES chocolate! She's a TOTAL clothes hound and really enjoys shopping! I have no clue where she gets this from as I'm certainly not like this :) but it's very cool. She puts together some wonderful outfits that really show off her personality.


How This Site Started

Sage and Seven

One of my hobbies is beading and making jewelry. I didn't know about autism awareness bracelets until the middle of 2005 while bead hunting on EBay and thought what a wonderful, unique idea. What a fun project and a way to give back the the Autism Foundation if I were to make these bracelets. They're slow coming but each one is a beautiful treasure that will remind you of Sage or another special person in your life diagnosed with autism, wherever they are on the spectrum.

10% of all profits will go to the Autism Society of America Foundation. Although there is no cure, no cause known, it is important that the research in this area continues through donations and support. There are many ways you can get involved, please look at the link above if you are interested.


Sage Today

Sage in Sixth Grade"Sagey Poo" is now in sixth grade - JUNIOR HIGH! Her teacher said she didn't regress over the summer yet again and was right on track with her education. She is still classified by the state as a special needs student however. Regardless of the label or her autism, Sage is a very beautiful little girl, filled with curiosity about the world around her. Her speech continues to grow daily as well as all her academics. She's been taking piano lessons for three years (won a talent show for playing *favorite things* by memory - both hands!) and started gymnastics two summers ago (won 4 gold medals and the gold for "all around" - we're looking to take the gold May 2011 too!) - which she loves! Sage is VERY into fashion... clothes, make up. A bit too early if you ask me, I was never into that stuff. She saves up all her money from chores JUST to buy clothes. The child has about 10 pairs of shoes too!


Sage & Gymnastics

In the past two years Sage has won 9 gold medals and 1 silver (2 of the gold were in "best all around") for her mad gymnastics skills. Below is a video of her giving a demonstration of a competition level 4 routine.