Autism Awareness Bracelets

Promote the awareness of autism by wearing one of our beautiful autism bracelets. Only the best Awareness Braceletof materials are used for our high-end jewelry; sterling silver, coral, authentic swarovski crystals, and sterling silver puzzle/ribbon charms. We also use enameled puzzle pieces and glass beads for our autism merchandise. Each bracelet even comes with a customized sterling silver ID charm with "BBS" on it!

Each bracelet is handmade and unique; just like the little girl that inspired them. All jewelry pieces are topped off with a sterling silver toggle. We can even do custom autism bracelet orders to make sure you have that perfect bracelet!

What is Autism?

Autism is one of the most commonly Customized ID Tagdiagnosed developmental disabilities in children. It is a spectrum disorder that appears early in life, generally before the age of three. This spectrum disorder ranges from a severe form (called autistic disorder) to a milder form (Asperger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism). Children with autism have problems with social interaction, communication, imagination and behavior. Autistic traits persist into adulthood, but vary in severity. Some adults with autism function well, earning college degrees and living independently. Others never develop the skills of daily living, and may be incorrectly diagnosed with a variety of psychiatric illnesses. Even today with all the medical advancements in our society, the cause is unknown.

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Autism Awareness Stickers!

To learn more about this disorder, please read visit our Autism Information page.

All children with ASD demonstrate deficits in:

  1. social interaction,
  2. verbal and nonverbal communication,
  3. repetitive behaviors or interests.

The Puzzle of Autism

The puzzle piece is one of the autism community's most recognized symbols. Whether the puzzle symbol represents to you the puzzling disorder of autism, the puzzling array of treatment and intervention options, or the puzzle that research has been trying to piece together, show your support for autism by purchasing a unique, handmade autism charm bracelet. It's a beautiful piece of jewelry that shows your awareness for this puzzling disorder.